Monday, April 20, 2015

Part 11: To the Malicious Father!

       The judge explained what the situation was about. "You see, the dimension portals are the links between the worlds. IN THE BEGINNING; there was nothing but the mists. They were the formations of the worlds. After they clashed against each other, they formed energy that allowed for formations of different worlds; they were so fast they broke the laws of psychics. Now, there are remaining bits of the mists splattered around all the dimensions. However, few people know this. The grand masters of the dimensions at first allowed everybody and anybody to access the portals."
          "What's so bad about that?" The boy asked.
        The response was a head shaking, a finger silencing, and a mouth continuing to speak: "There were wars; huge wars--the Battle against the Dark One in special, in which he joined forces with all the other evil men and monsters of the dimensions, that forced the Grand Masters to limit the portals, allowing only some rulers of the worlds and trustworthy men who served them to go between and open up these portals."
         The boy gasped in response.
           "Yes. That is correct. Ever since then, the portals have been closed to prevent the battle, which was a call too close for anyone's liking. You see, I am actually one of the prophetic men who were very helpful to the Grand Masters. I organized a neat group with other people here; some with parents who were separated from the different dimensions, Now, this prophecy's meaning has been revealed. Your father is a demon, an evil incarnate part of the remaining reborn of the Dark One in that battle against those Grand Masters."
            There was silence as the judge finally finished his explanation.
          "Then....what shall I do!" He practically shouted with desperation. He grasped the judge by the arm. "Please help me!" He exclaimed.
          The judge thoughtfully stroked his chin. "Ah.... desperate times call for desperate measures," he said, "it seems that I would have no choice other than to open up a portal for you. But, in order to prevent others interrogating you and finding out where the portal is, you must be blindfolded." Saying this, he pulled a straight piece of cloth over the boy's eyes, and brought him down a series of complex turns and twists while seeming to go down and up at the same time.

         They did it so well.... I thought, even now I can't be sure where the portal was located relative to the place I started from. Who knows, it might have been directly behind the walls the whole time!

         After a seemingly perpetual amount of time, he finally reached a strange-looking machine. The judge lifted the blindfold and stated: "You may examine your surroundings now." Holograms popped up with strange symbols, and he used his fingers to drag to specific places, with the boy looking on, mesmerized. Suddenly the machine started humming, glowing, and the mist seemed to form together. There was a blinding bright flash of yellow and orange, and the heat was taken in by the boy. It felt like he was exploding from the inside and from the outside. Finally, a violet whirlpool of darkness opened up--it was the portal.
        "Well then.... I guess this is about it. But I don't think you'll be enough alone to take on your demonic father. You'll have to find other masters of the portal--they will be in disguise, but they will have certain airs of authority to them. Just look for their specific innocent-looking pin on their collar. If you ever want to come back, I'm sure they have portals and will allow you to come back, if you ask nicely." He said. "Oh yes, and I forgot--here are some other inventions that might help you." He then went on, ruffling through a trunk of items. "Here's a watch, a normal looking watch, but in emergencies it can fire tranquilizer darts. Be careful though, it has limited uses." He explained, giving the watch to the boy, "It can also alert me and my agents stationed on the other side, if you press this button here." He showed.
        The boy understood and he took in the watch, getting used to its functions. After a while, the judge bade him farewell. The boy took a deep breath, shuddering all over from the fear and nervousness, and the judge put a hand on his shoulder, reassuring him: "It'll be alright. It's just a 100-percent sure version of your kind of teleportation, I would believe."
      And so the boy nodded, took one last look at the place he was in, and walked through the portal.

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