Friday, March 20, 2015

Part 10: Revealing the Truth

A Note from the author: Finally, a breakthrough! I had a dream in which I drew good art, providing good ground for a prophetic relevance, leading to...? Well, read for yourself.
      She read quicker than before, eager to find out which factions we would enter. 

       As they were resting in the room there was finally an announcement for the test. "Please display your best talents." A bored judge announced. And the people did. Some danced, some sang, some did poorly, others did excellent jobs, and when the boy went, he obviously displayed his kung fu style fighting, but it was not that impressive without the monsters or opponents. The judge yawned through each of their performances, a nonchalant face revealing nothing about the performers' results. He asked each of they had other talents, to which they displayed their strange powers: the farmer with his ability to grow life, the woman with her little dress flapping about and transforming into wing-like structure. Our protagonist, of course, chose his elemental bending abilities, which he did with strenuous effort. And still the judge demanded more. He even gave extra supplies and options. "Entertain me." He demanded, still with that boring face, but with eyes that glinted with a hint of slyness. The boy saw a canvas by the side, with a pen and paint brush in a bucket, and was strangely drawn to it. It was almost as it it was calling to him.
      Why...should I go there? I've never drawn before... He thought rationally, but his curiosity got the better of him. He slowly meandered forward while the others looked on. The judge was intrigued and someone could swear they saw a smirk, a smile, some hint of an emotion on the judge's face. The boy sat down in a chair and he started drawing. What started off as wavy lines became more and more complex. Even the boy had no idea what he was drawing, and he was astonished himself by the speed which he worked at, painting blue here and scribbling over there... it felt like hours while in reality it couldn't have been more than ten minutes. He finally finished with a flourish, signing the edge of his paper with his name. It was a beautiful lake scenery with bushes and trees, a dusty black road in the middle, with photo-realism qualities. Everyone stared, wide-eyed and gaped their mouths at the boy's display of talent. Even the judge was impressed. He finally smiled a warm smile, which earned everyone's approval and appraisal of the boy.
     "My boy....what is your name?" He asked.
     "The" He actually couldn't remember his name! All this time, he had never questioned who he really was. He looked around, unsure of what to do. "Well...I actually don't know my name."
     The judge was surprised. "The prophecy.... it must be true.
    A boy with no name,
    is not of our same... 

    Then, why don't you make a name for yourself?"
    The boy was in deep thought. What was he to be named? He remembered once again the flashes of his memory. "Darius," he decided.
      A boy with no name,
      is not of our same,
      With a demon-like predicament,
      A tragedy that left a ligament,
      He was a missing prince,
      Left from his origin place since 

     The judge repeated the first part of the prophecy in his head over and over. He thought of the strange festival for giving gifts for the "Crowned Prince of Darius", even though few people came to even claim to know about this prince. He asked the boy to come with him into his room. He explained that earlier on "Mastermind" had already sent a letter to him explaining the situation, and that the talent show would only confirm his suspicions. "We have heard these strange prophecies...they always come true, and they most times they concern people who are no our kind, such as chosen heroes, or malicious monsters. I must conclude from this prophecy and the evidence given," the judge states gravely, "that you are the boy from the other dimension; and that your father has hired missionaries.... and if our interpretation is right, he wants to find you, and kidnap you."
       The boy stared at the judge in horror.

        Ellen stared at me in surprise. "So you really ended up in NO faction after all..." She said with a thoughtfulness. "Well, I didn't see that coming. And the prophecy... that gives me the chills."
      I nodded in agreement. "I have to say, I couldn't predict it either. All the crazy things that were happening there.... there was simply no way to quickly or easily adjust to them."
         She took a deep breath, composed herself, then read on with her brows knitted together in concentration, trying to predict the next unexpected plot twist.

Note: in my dreams there was no judge; although there was a talent show and I did indeed draw a masterpiece of a painting; although it is vague exactly what I drew. And obviously there was no prophecy in my dream either (how could my subconscious come up with a thing?)

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