Thursday, November 6, 2014

Part 5: Training and the great witch's trap!

      The father could not stop the boy from reaching the mountain. The boy was received by the monks there, who taught him basic kung fu skills, such as the style of the Eagle or the Snake, and even taught him how to move his inner-energy around, revealing the boy's ability to bend sand, as well as the three of four basic elements: water, earth, and fire. However, water was tough to bend, and fire could be only created with great amounts of emotion with anger, thus the boy stuck with bending earth and sand. The father, seeing this in his visions while asleep at night, was struck with both frustration and fear. But he remained as calm as possible. He sought out the mysterious infamous Witch of Velvaluma, who could partially predict the upcoming future as well as use dark magic. The witch, after hearing his story, cackled maliciously. "You have my word, I can track down and defeat you boy. His training will be useless against my strategy!"
       The boy lived there for quite a while, before the monks requested some supplies from the nearby town. The boy agreed to go there, and went off with a few monks, as well as the girl. But soon enough, the witch's henchmen had mysteriously taken them out without the boy's notice. There the boy saw a sign with "Come here and see the mysterious magic trick!" Knowing the boy's curiousness, the witch had laid a clever trap, and it had worked. The boy was nearly hypnotized as he went along into the room. The witch stood in the middle, with a few "watchers" by the side, and she chanted numbers--times, mysteriously: "It's 6:50. It's 3:35, it's 1:28, it's 4:49...." And as she continued, the boy was mesmerized.
      "She won't make it to 2:30." The boy whispered in a dream-like state to the person beside him. Having heard this, the witch slyly smiled, knowing she had the boy ensnared in her trap. Yet she continued on, pulling the boy even further... "It's 12:20, it's 5:50...." The boy merely arrogantly stated: "Ha, I told you."
          And the witch knew it was her signal.
           "It's 2:30." She stated creepily, staring straight into the boy's soul.
         Instantly she took off the illusion, striking the boy in surprise, who stumbled backwards, only to see that in reality he was trapped in a driving van, with crowded seats with the "side-watchers". The van back door closed behind him, and he realized it would be very tough to bend enough earth or sand in such a crowded van.
         "Where....where are you bringing me? And why?"
The witch merely laughed, terrifying the boy by chomping off a "side-watcher"'s "head". The boy attempted to run and escape, but found the space too confined.
The witch stepped closer, enjoying every moment of her plan, as it unfolded as she had planned.
The boy raised his fists, having been forced to fight.

            "That's strange... why did she choose random times to name?" The girl asked. 
            "Ah, I wasn't very familiar with the concept of time at the time. I was intrigued, thinking that she could 'jump through time' by speaking different times. She looked very mysterious and serious, as if she was really manipulating time."

************************************************************************** Note that, there was indeed a dream in which I was trained by monks to learn kung fu, but there were no wants of any type supply, or a clever trap. And obviously "Witch of Velvaluma" details weren't revealed, only the fact that the woman was a witch within my dream.

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Part 4: Assassins and Monsters!

     After the flood ended, the boy didn't want to harm the girl or the city, and went to part his way from hers. Surprisingly, the girl had powers too. The boy, learning the girl's name to be Nellie, nicknamed her "The Fish Named Nellie". Thus, together they went on their way to a high mountain where they couldn't be harmed by any floods.

       She snickered. "The fish named Nellie? What kind of name is that?"
        I rolled my eyes. "She was quite the swimmer, so that's what I gave her."

         The father soon learned this news. He was clever indeed, hiring assassins and monsters to track the boys down and kill him. He even managed to open up a portal to that dimension. Of course, he could not go himself. His power was weakened enough by making the portals, and he wanted to test the boy's battle style and strength before deciding to face him on his own.
Unfortunately for the father, the boy had incredible speed and agility. No matter who chased him, he always managed to get away quickly and hide away from the monsters. One time, he was even crushed by a giant battery monster, yet he still survived, despite the monster's claims that he was dead. Even the best assassins couldn't manage to capture him; regardless of how much he was cut or bashed, he lived on. It seemed that the boy had the best luck in the world, inheriting the bullet-proof skin as well, and being near an able person's house whenever the murderers tried to deliver their killing blows. The boy simply outran any man his dad hired, and regardless of whether the assassin being a total unknown or the father's trustworthy so-called "the two bullies"--his top two henchmen--none of them could do a thing to kill this child. Thus his father was filled with great chagrin; how could he defeat the boy?

           "Wow, I never knew you frustrated your father. And I thought I had parent problems." She stuck out her tongue, while I just shook my head, grimly reading on in the dramatic tone.

Part 3: Watery Problems

     The boy's father was of course not stupid. He did not spend all those years doing nothing. Being the the malicious overlord's henchmen he was, he risked his immortality, giving it to his master to track down the boy or even indirectly harm him. He knew that the boy was now powerful enough to match up to his powers or even cause him great troubles. He also knew that since the boy had enough positive influence, it was going to be nearly impossible to go along with his original plan. He had to permanently end the boy's life one way or another.

      I shuddered at the way the book described it. I remember not really knowing much at all about just how much he wanted me dead when I was that young, even if it was just a few years ago.

     Thus he was the one who forced the rain upon the alternate dimension. It rained all night and day, and the water gathered so much as to start flooding the entire city the boy was living in. The city, of course, took action. The girl and the boy barely made it to the city center, in which there were tall skyscrapers. They climbed up to the high levels, and the city prepared its boats so that the citizens could go to a higher, safer location just in case the flood became too bad. The rain continued, on and on, but the city had good technology that managed to keep the flood in check. After forcing the rain for so long, the father was exhausted, and was forced to rest. The father had to find another way to get rid of the potential problem.

NOTE: There were no boats in any dream of mine.

Part 2: Growing up

The father searched for years and years, looking across towns and cities, even traveling across countries, but he could not find the child. It was because the father underestimated his powers--he had transported himself to an alternate dimension! The child was being taken care of an old lady, who had found a basket with a child in front of her doorstep, the result of the boy's teleporting. He was lucky, really. He might as well have found himself in a pile of acid, screaming uselessly to his death. As the boy grew up, he kept on getting flashbacks of the situation, but the old lady regarded it as ridiculous and soon, the boy's flashbacks got more muddled, and he eventually almost completely forgot the tragedy that had happened.

I cried at this mention of the old lady. I only just managed to remember some flashes, and tears flowed down my right cheek. A cold hand smoothed down and wiped away the tear. "It'll be okay." She reassured. It took a while, but I managed to compose myself and continue to read.

The child is now 7 years old. The old lady had died, and as she had nobody to inherit the fortune, and no friends as well, being lonely in a faraway country-side place, the boy had the house and everything to himself. But the boy wasn't greedy. He only took as much as he thought he had needed, and wearing a black jacket and black pants, he went to an imaginary "funeral" of the old lady's, and went to seek another residence. There were none for very far, and the boy was still not very in control of his teleportation skills. It seemed every time he tried, it required far too much effort, or it failed completely. Thus, out in the storm, the boy traveled, barely being able to resist the harsh wind, and tree branches went snapping off, ripping off the back of his clothes. The boy suffered much before finally finding a house, and there, a teenage girl warmly welcomed him, inviting him to sit down and have a warm drink, explaining that she owned the house. The boy was glad that this girl could help him, and stayed in her residence for the while.

My listener was astonished at this. "You've never told me about this girl who helped you!" My face went red for a moment, and I replied: "We didn't have a special relationship....Besides, she's not that important." She hmmphed, and I rolled my eyes as I continued telling my story.

 NOTE: I never had a dream about that old lady, but I have to set something up logically for stormy nights and ripped clothes to follow. (I could technically make something up about how with powers, I mature fast, and can now walk, but that still doesn't explain the black jacket and black pants I remember in that stormy-night dream).


Here goes my story....

         I walked down the staircase along with my significant other. I nervously trailed my hand along the railing as my heart thumped in my chest. As I stood in front of the door, embossed with gold lining on the sides, she asked: "Are you sure about this?" I nodded my head for confirmation. I wanted to make sure that my story was whole and full as it was written. The door opened smoothly, and as my feet trended on the carpet, I quickly found the book I was looking for, then opened it up, sitting down on a sofa. The book seemed to be about 50 pages long, and the first page had the note, "I hope you liked my style of writing." I took a deep breath in, and out. "This should take some time." My companion merely nodded, kissed me on the cheek, then sat down and waited with patience. "I won't miss what you say," she said, "I'll listen with intent."
        I glanced up at her thankfully, then flipped past the table of contents, then began to read.

      A super hero was born from a divine mother....and a malicious father. The father was one of the devil's henchmen, he sapped from the souls of mortals and made them slaves. He ruled over an area he called Darius, a seemingly ordinary place along with a seemingly ordinary name, both in disguise for a deeper ploy.
       As the boy cried, seeing his mother taken, the divine goddess only just realized that the father had evil intent. The mother had many powers, and was immortal, but could not predict the future. Within only moments after the boy's birth, the mother's purpose was "fulfilled", in the father's perspective, and she was locked in a cage that sealed her powers away. The father laughed with glee. "With this super child, all the world will be mine, and nothing can stop me!" After entertaining and growing the child for a while, the father thought he had gained enough trust, and the boy developed enough, to easily attain the boy's powers, which would be more than sufficient for his ultimate plan to take over his town, state, country, and finally the world. But as the father reached toward the child, but as the child blinked, he suddenly disappeared into thin air. Only so young, and he had already inherited one of the mother's super powers: teleportation. The father was shocked, and he knew that the child knew he was "bad". The child, with partial precognition, had an instinct too, the instinct being from the father. The father had to be careful from now on. One wrong move, and he could be destroyed by his son...

I read on with drama and emotions. I already knew my origin, but seeing it through another person's writing, my heart truly filled with confidence at the fact that I had destroyed such a malicious creature that could abandon my mother. My friend grimly sat there, tense at the description of such an evil person narrowly succeeding.

NOTE: For the prologue, it was never suggested in the dream that the person was my "significant other". I never had a dream about the part where I was born either. However, I need a background setting to explain why I hit my mother, and also set up the plot...

Important events

Obviously there are going to be twist and turns in my dream story. There are also going to be notable events. Thus here I list my most memorable, and most important dreams, that will determine my story events outline (This list will be updated if my recent dreams seem to contribute to the story plot):
-Hit by a giant battery
-Weird Joker dances around in a blurry environment
-Crushed in a factory
-Fights weird witch
-Meets with the so called "Fish named Nellie"
-Gets into Superhero academy
-Killed my father and those two bullies (LUCID)
-Has to pass a bunch of obstacles to some place
-Is called "9spaceking" by some inhabitants of some place
-Realizes I'm the "Prince of Darius"
-Waits outside of a mall in a bus stop with some other people (May be irrelevant)
-Defeated by some gun shooter with a rebounding golden bullet
-Knocked unconscious by a troll/giant
-Hitting my mother (presumably in anger)

Here is another outline that marks my most important dreams:
Absolutely Crushed-- First nightmare, still one of worst
My Heroine-- First five-star dream
Table-turn From Terror-- First "Table-Turn" and LUCID dream, incredibly useful ability
Too Easy, Let's Go Back-- First "lengthy" notable recorded lucid dream
Mastermind? -- First lucid-dream to die within, question about, and continue the plot later
Out-witting the Robbers-- First dream where a character (me) lied/acted differently than they really felt
Sleight of Cards-- Introduction to a series of "Unexpected ending" dreams ["Gold Age" of my dreams]
Art of Monarchy (Taking Down a Monarchy With Art) -- First dream with an intended message (however lame), and expressing my views upon government/freedom
Dream Guide-- First introduction of.... the Dream Guide
SERENDIPITY -- First incredibly notable "perfect" combination dream, inspiring me to beat this dream later
OZ&SHIOM! --First and only dream so far to beat SERENDIPITY, and so amazing as to have the Subconscious admit it's impossible to beat
Subconscious's Attempt-- My subconscious proves that SHIOM is impossible to beat
SOAR--Dream where I felt like I came very very close to beating my favorite dream 
PERFECTION-- The closest yet I've come to beat OZ&SHIOM.
Sweet Revenge-- First dream to ever successfully, and non-lucidly (my lucid "revenge" was not notable because it was short, too simple, and unsatisfying), get back at a dream character for beating me in a competition/battle
Incredible Villain and Protagonist--The dream that marks an unusual succession of three incredibly perceptive or intelligent dream characters in a row (who were not previously introduced)

Types of dreams

To put all my dreams into one story plot, we need multiple story arcs to make up my dreams. Thus I need to recognize patterns in my dreams. Here are the types of dreams I will include to make my giant story:
-Escape from flood dreams
-Running from two bullies (may be altered to fit story) dreams
-Fighting off monsters dreams
-"Doing nothing" dreams
-Lucid dreams
-Miscellaneous dreams