Sunday, November 2, 2014


Here goes my story....

         I walked down the staircase along with my significant other. I nervously trailed my hand along the railing as my heart thumped in my chest. As I stood in front of the door, embossed with gold lining on the sides, she asked: "Are you sure about this?" I nodded my head for confirmation. I wanted to make sure that my story was whole and full as it was written. The door opened smoothly, and as my feet trended on the carpet, I quickly found the book I was looking for, then opened it up, sitting down on a sofa. The book seemed to be about 50 pages long, and the first page had the note, "I hope you liked my style of writing." I took a deep breath in, and out. "This should take some time." My companion merely nodded, kissed me on the cheek, then sat down and waited with patience. "I won't miss what you say," she said, "I'll listen with intent."
        I glanced up at her thankfully, then flipped past the table of contents, then began to read.

      A super hero was born from a divine mother....and a malicious father. The father was one of the devil's henchmen, he sapped from the souls of mortals and made them slaves. He ruled over an area he called Darius, a seemingly ordinary place along with a seemingly ordinary name, both in disguise for a deeper ploy.
       As the boy cried, seeing his mother taken, the divine goddess only just realized that the father had evil intent. The mother had many powers, and was immortal, but could not predict the future. Within only moments after the boy's birth, the mother's purpose was "fulfilled", in the father's perspective, and she was locked in a cage that sealed her powers away. The father laughed with glee. "With this super child, all the world will be mine, and nothing can stop me!" After entertaining and growing the child for a while, the father thought he had gained enough trust, and the boy developed enough, to easily attain the boy's powers, which would be more than sufficient for his ultimate plan to take over his town, state, country, and finally the world. But as the father reached toward the child, but as the child blinked, he suddenly disappeared into thin air. Only so young, and he had already inherited one of the mother's super powers: teleportation. The father was shocked, and he knew that the child knew he was "bad". The child, with partial precognition, had an instinct too, the instinct being from the father. The father had to be careful from now on. One wrong move, and he could be destroyed by his son...

I read on with drama and emotions. I already knew my origin, but seeing it through another person's writing, my heart truly filled with confidence at the fact that I had destroyed such a malicious creature that could abandon my mother. My friend grimly sat there, tense at the description of such an evil person narrowly succeeding.

NOTE: For the prologue, it was never suggested in the dream that the person was my "significant other". I never had a dream about the part where I was born either. However, I need a background setting to explain why I hit my mother, and also set up the plot...

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