Sunday, November 2, 2014

Important events

Obviously there are going to be twist and turns in my dream story. There are also going to be notable events. Thus here I list my most memorable, and most important dreams, that will determine my story events outline (This list will be updated if my recent dreams seem to contribute to the story plot):
-Hit by a giant battery
-Weird Joker dances around in a blurry environment
-Crushed in a factory
-Fights weird witch
-Meets with the so called "Fish named Nellie"
-Gets into Superhero academy
-Killed my father and those two bullies (LUCID)
-Has to pass a bunch of obstacles to some place
-Is called "9spaceking" by some inhabitants of some place
-Realizes I'm the "Prince of Darius"
-Waits outside of a mall in a bus stop with some other people (May be irrelevant)
-Defeated by some gun shooter with a rebounding golden bullet
-Knocked unconscious by a troll/giant
-Hitting my mother (presumably in anger)

Here is another outline that marks my most important dreams:
Absolutely Crushed-- First nightmare, still one of worst
My Heroine-- First five-star dream
Table-turn From Terror-- First "Table-Turn" and LUCID dream, incredibly useful ability
Too Easy, Let's Go Back-- First "lengthy" notable recorded lucid dream
Mastermind? -- First lucid-dream to die within, question about, and continue the plot later
Out-witting the Robbers-- First dream where a character (me) lied/acted differently than they really felt
Sleight of Cards-- Introduction to a series of "Unexpected ending" dreams ["Gold Age" of my dreams]
Art of Monarchy (Taking Down a Monarchy With Art) -- First dream with an intended message (however lame), and expressing my views upon government/freedom
Dream Guide-- First introduction of.... the Dream Guide
SERENDIPITY -- First incredibly notable "perfect" combination dream, inspiring me to beat this dream later
OZ&SHIOM! --First and only dream so far to beat SERENDIPITY, and so amazing as to have the Subconscious admit it's impossible to beat
Subconscious's Attempt-- My subconscious proves that SHIOM is impossible to beat
SOAR--Dream where I felt like I came very very close to beating my favorite dream 
PERFECTION-- The closest yet I've come to beat OZ&SHIOM.
Sweet Revenge-- First dream to ever successfully, and non-lucidly (my lucid "revenge" was not notable because it was short, too simple, and unsatisfying), get back at a dream character for beating me in a competition/battle
Incredible Villain and Protagonist--The dream that marks an unusual succession of three incredibly perceptive or intelligent dream characters in a row (who were not previously introduced)

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