Sunday, November 2, 2014

Part 4: Assassins and Monsters!

     After the flood ended, the boy didn't want to harm the girl or the city, and went to part his way from hers. Surprisingly, the girl had powers too. The boy, learning the girl's name to be Nellie, nicknamed her "The Fish Named Nellie". Thus, together they went on their way to a high mountain where they couldn't be harmed by any floods.

       She snickered. "The fish named Nellie? What kind of name is that?"
        I rolled my eyes. "She was quite the swimmer, so that's what I gave her."

         The father soon learned this news. He was clever indeed, hiring assassins and monsters to track the boys down and kill him. He even managed to open up a portal to that dimension. Of course, he could not go himself. His power was weakened enough by making the portals, and he wanted to test the boy's battle style and strength before deciding to face him on his own.
Unfortunately for the father, the boy had incredible speed and agility. No matter who chased him, he always managed to get away quickly and hide away from the monsters. One time, he was even crushed by a giant battery monster, yet he still survived, despite the monster's claims that he was dead. Even the best assassins couldn't manage to capture him; regardless of how much he was cut or bashed, he lived on. It seemed that the boy had the best luck in the world, inheriting the bullet-proof skin as well, and being near an able person's house whenever the murderers tried to deliver their killing blows. The boy simply outran any man his dad hired, and regardless of whether the assassin being a total unknown or the father's trustworthy so-called "the two bullies"--his top two henchmen--none of them could do a thing to kill this child. Thus his father was filled with great chagrin; how could he defeat the boy?

           "Wow, I never knew you frustrated your father. And I thought I had parent problems." She stuck out her tongue, while I just shook my head, grimly reading on in the dramatic tone.

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