Thursday, November 6, 2014

Part 5: Training and the great witch's trap!

      The father could not stop the boy from reaching the mountain. The boy was received by the monks there, who taught him basic kung fu skills, such as the style of the Eagle or the Snake, and even taught him how to move his inner-energy around, revealing the boy's ability to bend sand, as well as the three of four basic elements: water, earth, and fire. However, water was tough to bend, and fire could be only created with great amounts of emotion with anger, thus the boy stuck with bending earth and sand. The father, seeing this in his visions while asleep at night, was struck with both frustration and fear. But he remained as calm as possible. He sought out the mysterious infamous Witch of Velvaluma, who could partially predict the upcoming future as well as use dark magic. The witch, after hearing his story, cackled maliciously. "You have my word, I can track down and defeat you boy. His training will be useless against my strategy!"
       The boy lived there for quite a while, before the monks requested some supplies from the nearby town. The boy agreed to go there, and went off with a few monks, as well as the girl. But soon enough, the witch's henchmen had mysteriously taken them out without the boy's notice. There the boy saw a sign with "Come here and see the mysterious magic trick!" Knowing the boy's curiousness, the witch had laid a clever trap, and it had worked. The boy was nearly hypnotized as he went along into the room. The witch stood in the middle, with a few "watchers" by the side, and she chanted numbers--times, mysteriously: "It's 6:50. It's 3:35, it's 1:28, it's 4:49...." And as she continued, the boy was mesmerized.
      "She won't make it to 2:30." The boy whispered in a dream-like state to the person beside him. Having heard this, the witch slyly smiled, knowing she had the boy ensnared in her trap. Yet she continued on, pulling the boy even further... "It's 12:20, it's 5:50...." The boy merely arrogantly stated: "Ha, I told you."
          And the witch knew it was her signal.
           "It's 2:30." She stated creepily, staring straight into the boy's soul.
         Instantly she took off the illusion, striking the boy in surprise, who stumbled backwards, only to see that in reality he was trapped in a driving van, with crowded seats with the "side-watchers". The van back door closed behind him, and he realized it would be very tough to bend enough earth or sand in such a crowded van.
         "Where....where are you bringing me? And why?"
The witch merely laughed, terrifying the boy by chomping off a "side-watcher"'s "head". The boy attempted to run and escape, but found the space too confined.
The witch stepped closer, enjoying every moment of her plan, as it unfolded as she had planned.
The boy raised his fists, having been forced to fight.

            "That's strange... why did she choose random times to name?" The girl asked. 
            "Ah, I wasn't very familiar with the concept of time at the time. I was intrigued, thinking that she could 'jump through time' by speaking different times. She looked very mysterious and serious, as if she was really manipulating time."

************************************************************************** Note that, there was indeed a dream in which I was trained by monks to learn kung fu, but there were no wants of any type supply, or a clever trap. And obviously "Witch of Velvaluma" details weren't revealed, only the fact that the woman was a witch within my dream.

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