Sunday, March 1, 2015

Part 6: Seeking the truth

The boy punched at the witch, but his blows only glanced uselessly off of her. The witch did not even fight back, just cackled gleefully as the boy slowly lost hope. Finally, as all seemed loss, and the witch went on to strike a deadly spell on the boy--the boy got an idea in his head, and, climbing onto the seats, narrowly avoided the first blast, then, did a flip in the air as the second blast hit the light bulb above, dropping it onto the witch. The witch screamed in agony and terror as the electric shock coursed through her body, and the magic faded away. The boy was back in the wooden cottage, safe and sound.

But now, the boy was confused. Why had so many more monsters attacked him than anyone else? It couldn't simply be a coincidence. Seeking the monks, they explained that they did not know, but perhaps someone at the "town center" located miles away might know. They were giving gifts to find the lost "Crowned Prince of Darius". Thus, they gave the boy a backpack, with a box of moon cakes, some other items, a map, along with a trinket they found (unbeknownst to the fact that this trinket actually belonged to the crowned prince of Darius himself. After embracing Nellie, who was just glad to have a new home and was left to be taken care of with the monks, the boy walked the long route to the convention.

         "Ohhh... do these guys know about your private life?"
        I blushed in embarrassment. "I can't be too sure, but I'm also surprised at the amount of information they put down. I couldn't have done better."

Within the convention, it turns out the people were competing for the best gift for the crowned prince of Darius. The Boy received some hazy flashbacks of his old life as he examined the trinket. As the crowned prince of Darius, he had been entertained by a creepy joker, and his room being disturbed by a giant creature (who had conversed with his father)... But dismissing them, he read the inscription on the trinket, finding it to be indeed, belonging to the crowned prince. As a person who examined everyone passed by to find out what gifts everyone brought, the boy didn't really want to reveal his true gift, and fumbled around with his box of moon cakes. The man looked on, disappointed, while writing something down on his piece of paper.

The time for giving gifts had come, and the boy gave his precious trinket in order to fill the people with hope. But nobody knew. A little girl asked: "What did you give?" And he responded: "The best gift of all, hope!" But the girl merely looked confused.
 As he looked at the rankings for the best gift, the best gift was not decided to be his trinket. He questioned the host, who merely frowned in reply: "Why, you gave a box of moon cakes." As he attempted to explain that the moon cake written down by the man was not really his final gift, he was hushed out. The boy was alone once more, and gained the least bit of enlightenment through his journey. On the other hand, his father was only closer and closer to attaining the boy's power--the man who wrote down the moon cakes knew that the boy had the trinket, and revealed to his father that this boy had the prince's trinket. It was fortunate that the spy had no idea that this boy was the prince himself.

             "That's such a shame." She spoke thoughtfully, "Well, I hope you at least enjoyed the moon cakes."
            I sighed. "Well, at least those were delicious."

Note that; in my dreams of course the witch and the crowned prince of Darius were not connected. And not to mention that witch dream was a cliff hanger and I had no idea what would happen after I attempt to hit back her rebounds of my paralyzing touches!

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