Sunday, March 1, 2015

Part 7: Escape from the Adviser

     The girl yawned out of boredom, stretching her arms. "Wow, this has been quite tiring. Perhaps we should go rest a while before we continue reading."
      "I suppose I must agree. Let us go then--lunch is on me." So we strolled, hand in hand, casually around the block to the famous restaurant. Today's theme was beach, so the restaurant was decorated with fake sand beneath our feet, palm trees swaying a little by the side, and the smell of the ocean all around.  "Hey, it's you, nice to meet you man!" The cashier spoke, high-fiving me. "Brought Ellen in again?" The cashier asked, eyeing us.
         I answered yes, to which he responded with a nod of approval, then I ordered a special drink for the both of us, and some hamburgers.     
            "Ah, this is nice." She spoke as sweet guitar music played through the room, while she was munching on the hamburgers.
       "I agree, this is one of the best restaurants available."
        Soon enough we were finished with our lunch, and I paid the bill, then we ambled back home.
        "Ah, now that we've had a hearty lunch, we can continue." I spoke. "You ready?"
          She nodded. I continued to read from the place I had left over from....

     The boy's father was low on options, as he was quite ambitious and wished to get back his son as quickly as possible. He thus appointed his adviser and asked him to explore possible options. His adviser revealed a hidden, but run-down portal, he had found some time ago, and told him that with enough energy and resources (that would be very costly), the portal could run. The father hesitated for a while, but boosted forth by the prospect of attaining incredible power, he agreed, and even told the adviser that he could drain his son's powers if it was necessary in order to kidnap him.
      The adviser quickly entered the portal with his best men, and went along to track down the boy. He used multiple power trackers, also asking the people about the possibilities and whereabouts of the boy. After days and days of searching, he finally managed to pinpoint the area where the boy was running about. It turns out the boy was trying to figure out somebody else to help him; and the people pointed him to the infamous "Mastermind", who claimed he knew all and could solve any problem, at a very hefty price. The adviser was quite surprised that he had not found this potential helpful resource before, and so went on, attempting to find "Mastermind" before the boy. He was quick and efficient, he knew the methods necessary to reach Mastermind, and unfortunately they did make it to mastermind before the boy did. The adviser, knowing that nobody could truly know everything, slyly smooth-talked to the mastermind, convincing him of the boy's meanness. In the same time the boy was about to arrive to mastermind. There were no other possibilities. And so the boy was chased down by the adviser and his friends.
        They had finally caught him--whether due to the advantage of surprise, or the advantage of knowledge, they had the boys in their hands. They bound him together with magical rope that prevented the use of magic or teleportation and threw him inside a massive factory, with crushing machines and gigantic moving parts that could easily hurt anyone who touched them. The boy rolled back and forth, left and right, narrowly dodging the parts, while the adviser and his men left, filled with confidence that the boy was doomed.
         The boy did not have much time left--ahead of him was an unavoidable roller. He was forced to the side as more crushers came above, and his teeth clenched in agony as he formed his body into a painful position. He attempted to squirm away from the roller, but the moving machine was too fast for him. Within just a few seconds he was going to die-- but then, just before he touched the roller, the machine stopped. The man known as "Mastermind" stood before the machine switches, and the boy barely breathed as he undid the ropes and led him out silently. He told him to hide behind the bushes, watching the adviser and his men walk away victoriously, then invited him inside the house.
       "Oh thank you, sir mastermind! You are so kind! But--why did you let them get away?" The boy asked. 
          Mastermind smirked in response, but this quickly turned into a serious frown. "Firstly, let me say that they had attempted to hire me to give them advice. But of course, I knew something was wrong when I saw their badges and style of clothing. It was especially their weapons that brought great suspicion. I thus manipulated them, telling them that you would have no chance. It would be true of course, these ropes truly are magic proof, and the factory was indeed fully functioning. Fortunately I stopped them in time. It was all part of my plan. I do not know what they are doing here--the rumors are wrong, I am not truly omnipotent-- but I can deduce that their leader will not be happy if they failed. Let us hope their leader punishes them enough so that they will not come back again. In the mean time, why don't you come here to have some tea."
     Hearing the man's response, the boy gaped his mouth at the man's logical deduction and planning skills. He was even more astonished that the man was not truly omnipotent and that he had lied. But too shocked from his incident and these new revealings, the boy forced himself to sit down and drink whatever Mastermind offered him.

        Ellen gaped her mouth at me as well. "Wow, how could anyone be so smart!"
         I shook my head. "I have no idea, but he's in an alternative dimension, so that might have explained it."

Note: In the former dream, the "restaurant" was actually just a bar at a beach-like place. It was my sister and I who visited the bar (NOT my love interest and I). The exact things I ordered were hamburgers and "El Ultimo Agua" (spanish for The Ultimate Water). The water tasted like coconut water, and it was good enough for guitar music to play in the background while I drank it. The cashier did not say anything to me in my dreams, other than, "what would you like to order?"

In my other dreams, the prince's adviser and "Mastermind" were different dreams. It must also be noted that "mastermind" had faked my death while I was lucid in that other dream. It is also very unclear who "mastermind" really is; since he claims in my dreams, "I faked my own death", either pretending falsely to be me, or really being me (but somehow in a different state).

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