Monday, March 2, 2015

Part 9: Crash landing in unknown territory!

        She read with great ardor, and was possibly even better than me.

        The hot air balloon was sailing fine, but then an unusual jerk in the winds left it tilting left and right, the passengers narrowly falling outwards. The balloon crashed into the tree, and the passengers fell out, some of them bruised, others barely harmed. The boy was one of the luckier ones. He managed to drag out some of the more heavily harmed passengers, who aided him to lift and support the rest of the crew.
      As they wandered around they saw a guide man. "Ah, yes, I was expecting you all...." He stated, spreading his arms, "...but I wasn't expecting the winds today to be so sinister. That would mean they forebode a shadowy that can't be right..." Muttering to himself, he brought the others and told them about the warring and factions within the area. "We are in the green faction, as you can tell from the flag color. This is perhaps the most peaceful faction, which relies more on diplomacy and infiltration in order to make peace or disable the other factions. I didn't want to shock you in case there was a war within another faction. Here's how the history goes: we four factions have warred on for around three centuries since these were formed. We have different beliefs, and we are unique in our own ways."
       "You are in the green faction?" The farmer asked.
       "Ah, no sir. You see, being the guide, I have to be neutral if I want to be able to tour all the four factions. I help them all, I resist them all; I travel all around. I am one of the only people who knows and is well-received by all four rulers of the empires."
        "How do we figure out which faction we belong to and what is unusual about us?" The woman questioned.
        "You will be put in an aptitude test to find out which color is the best for each of you. Be warned, however, that the test is not always one-hundred percent accurate. You can always change your factions, but you have to make your case pretty persuasive. Regardless of your faction, though, you can always seek me in those grey tents if you need my help. There are other agents in the grey field that can help you."
         The four nodded and then went on to the aptitude test, a big building that looked like a stadium located in the center of the four factions--the exact center. They all nervously chatted among each other, wondering whether they would end up in red or green or blue or yellow.
          "Which one did you end up in?" She asked curiously,
          I smirked mysteriously in response. "Ah, read on. You'll see in a few pages... you'll see."

NOTE: There was a tour guide in my dream; although he did not explain any sort of history to us. Furthermore, there was war happening in my dream, contrasting against what this story claims. There was of course, also no "aptitude test". That only gives excuse for what is about to happen within another dream, as well as setting up for another different dream.

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