Sunday, March 1, 2015

Part 8: Mysterious territory

    After drinking tea, the boy explains his situation to Mastermind. Mastermind, intrigued by this problem that he couldn't seem to solve, went into his room and pondered for a while, trying to connect the clues together and solve the case. After a long while, he finally exited, and he looked quite disappointed. "Ah, I am afraid...either our laws are wrong, or are not from have an unusual energy surrounding you. None of us have as much, or even as strong powers as you do."
      The boy was surprised. " not... belong here?" He sputtered in disbelief.
      Mastermind nodded grimly. "There is a center underground secret territory belonging to four warring factions: red, green, blue, and yellow. They might understand your unusual energy source, they being the center and guard of our power on this planet. Do not tell anyone else I told you this," he lowered his voice to a whisper as he glanced at the trinket, "Just show them the trinket and explain your powers as of your knowledge, and the rest will be up for them. Try not to be surprised if you see unusual creatures joining in on there; they are all attempting to find out who they truly are."
     Nodding, the boy went on. He was eager to find out his origin and how he made it to this world, and how he "did not belong". Thus he entered a secret underground cave after lots of twists and turns, he could not track down the routes nor remember the streets he traveled. It seem to take a very long time before he finally made it to the door of the place, where mastermind explained that it was the furthest he could travel and they boy would have to go on a magical hot air balloon in order to get hot the territories. The boy looked longingly back at the world he lived in; even if he did not belong there, he liked it. He requested that Mastermind tell Nellie that he was going away, and mastermind accepted, even knowing he would have to reword the story and twist the truth along with lots of omissions.
       The boy stood in deep thought on the hot air balloon as it whisked him away. He barely had time to wave to mastermind before the air carried him up and up into the sky. Soon he was just peacefully floating along--and then he remembered that there would be other travelers. They were quite quiet, a big fluffy sheep, a fox, a farmer-looking man, and a woman wearing a white blouse and blue jeans. For the rest of the journey, the boy was quiet too, but among all of them stood an unavoidable tension, as they were all strangers.

            I was quiet for a moment as I recalled what the strangers looked like. "Intriguing," She spoke, "This story is getting more and more exciting! Probably much better if you tried yourself!"
         "Of course, I am not really so much of a storyteller." I grinned, "But I am a discoverer. You'll see later."
         "Come to think of it, why are YOU reading? You already know the outcome of everything! Let me read for once." 
        "Alright, alright." I agreed, handing the book over.

NOTE: There was a hot air balloon; however, there were no woman, man, or fox. [The woman is just for the story, and the man and fox are to prepare and build the grounds for the next part of the story].

There is also no scene where I speak to Ellen about being a discoverer.

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